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The Hyde Park Business Association (HPBA)

The Hyde Park Business Association (HPBA) was founded in 2004 to provide a voice and promote businesses located within the community.  Today, we recognize the need for a solid business association that prioritizes networking and membership growth.  Our membership is open to businesses in Northwest London, including both sides of Riverside Drive to the south and both sides of Wonderland Road to the east.

The Association received its non-profit incorporation status on January 16, 2009.

Our general membership fee allows us to design a high profile website to promote our members businesses or services to the community.  We show the members business card or logo, business name, address and telephone number, a direct link to your business website and the type of business your are and a description of your product.

Membership in the association gives businesses a stronger voice on London’s City Council on local issues.  The association is a forum for discussion and action for the promotion of our businesses to the surrounding area. 

History of the Hyde Park Business Association

On September 9, 1979, The Business Association of Hyde Park held its inaugural meeting.  Twenty-three businesses were represented.  A slate of interim officers was chosen to get the association going.  The officers were:  John Eberhard, chairman and organizer; Frank Wellman, vice-chair; Ron Johnstone, secretary; Tom Moulton, treasurer; and, task-force chairmen:  Bud Broadfoot, Bob Latella, John Sim, Bill Frank, George Morris and Jack Merryfield.

They saw the need to associate to better service their customers, and to work together to promote the area to the surrounding residents.  One of their concerns was the then current rumour concerning annexation by the City of London.  They were responsible for the concept of co-op advertising for the area which was responsible for the “Furniture Row” ads.

They prepared a Creed for the Association giving themselves a mandate to represent the interest of the businesses and the residents:

Hyde Park Business Association Creed

It is desirable for all members of the Association to co-operate with one another and to help the community at large in order to promote the growth and financial success of the businesses in Hyde Park.


1. Conduct themselves in a businesslike yet friendly manner

2. Help other members by encouraging the public to use the shops and services of the members of the Association

3. Create goodwill in the community by assisting the Hyde Park and surrounding areas with community projects and promotions which are beneficial to the goals of the Association

4.  Provide Hyde Park businesses with a strong voice at all levels of government in matters of mutual concern to the community

5.  Utilize monthly and annual meetings as a forum to network and exchange ideas with local Hyde Park Businesses

6.  Inform other members of coming events within the community, including businesses

7.  Inform other  members of businesses entering or leaving the community

8.  Support the Association by promoting it to non-member businesses in the community for the purpose of enlisting their support

9.  Contribute to the success of the Association by volunteering your time and talents to the committees and to serve as an officer if nominated

10. In all like manner to be a good business citizen of Hyde Park

Hyde Park Businesses and Residents Association – 1991
In 1991, facing annexation, business owners and residents reactivated the Hyde Park Business Association under the revised name:  The Hyde Park Businesses and Residents Association. The group was informal, led by Chris Arquette, President and Nicole Buteau, Vice-President.

In 2004, when the construction began to bring municipal services along Gainsborough Road, area businesses needed a strong voice when they reorganized under the former name:  Hyde Park Business Association.

2009 is considered a building year as we work to revitalise the Association as we recognize that businesses will continue to need a strong voice at City Hall in view of the upcoming widening of Hyde Park Road.

The Hyde Park Business Association attended the first Public Information Meeting held on Wednesday, September 30, 2009, at the Hyde Park United Church.

The consultant is Mr. Joe Heyninck,

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Phone:  519-472-7328
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Hyde Park Road Widening:  Oxford Street to Sunningdale Road

Class Environmental Assessment (EA)

Proposed improvements:

  • Oxford Street to Sarnia Road – 2014
  • Sarnia Road to Gainsborough Road – 2015
  • Gainsborough Road to Fanshawe Park Road – 2016
  • Fanshawe Park Road to Sunningdale  Road – 2024